Architectural Review Board (ARB)

The Architectural Review Board works diligently to ensure the high standards of quality and luxury are maintained by each of the homes in our community. Your fellow community members volunteer their time to ensure a beautiful and rewarding community remains established for many years to come.

ARB Guidelines

*Prior to making any changes to your property, please review the sections below and complete the appropriate forms. Please email with any questions.

ARB Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 PM. Meetings are held at Windermere Preparatory School, Building C in the main office conference room located at 6189 Winter Garden-Vineland Rd, Windermere, FL 34786 as identified on the map below.

If you wish to apply a new paint scheme to the exterior of your home, it will be imperative first that you know or determine your home’s elevation style. The Lakes of Windermere features homes in Victorian, Craftsman, and Classic styles. There are several approved color schemes for each style. If you are having trouble determining which style of home you have, here are some characteristics that may be helpful:

    • Victorian elevations may feature decorative brackets, steeper sloping roofs, and gables, and tend to be composed with more playful colors.
    • Craftsman elevations may feature stonework, tapered columns or wooden posts, and are composed with more neutral colors.
  • Classic elevations may feature shutters, round columns, and gable or hip roofs.

Paint Color Schemes

ARB Paint Application

  • For Mailbox Replacement or Numbers: Please contact  Creative Mailbox & Sign Design at 813-818-7100 or find them at  House numbers are 2.4” metallic gold vinyl and the font is CG California Bold. The cost is $20.00* inclusive of shipping. Mailbox paint is Rustoleum Hi Performance Industrial Enamel. The product code is 7400 System, Hi Gloss Black #634402. This paint can be purchased from your local hardware store. If you need to replace the entire mailbox and pole the cost is $596.00* plus sales tax and includes installation. Mailbox parts can be purchased separately. Please review the Care Instructions.
    *Prices are subject to change without notice and the HOA does not control the price.
  • Street LightsHomeowners should call Duke Energy at 407-629-1010 or visit to report street lights that are broken or not working properly. There is no charge to the homeowner or neighborhood for the repairs. You will need to know the pole identification number which can be found at the bottom of the streetlight pole
  • Street TreesIt is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain trees in the easement between the street and sidewalk.  This includes replacement if needed. Please note that once every two or three years, Orange County has been coming into the neighborhood and trimming the trees. This is a free service and they will trim your trees to a height of 14’ on the street side and 10’ on the sidewalk side. The timing of this service and if they continue to provide the service is totally up to Orange County. It remains the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain these trees.

Lakes of Windermere Realtor Signs

In order to maintain consistent aesthetics within the community there are sign restrictions as stated in the Declaration of Covenants, conditions, easements, and restrictions, Amendment 4, for the Lakes of Windermere.

low realtor sign standard


Any resident offering their home For Sale must use the approved sign. In order to obtain a sign, you or your realtor should must contact Sign Farm at the contact information shown below. The cost of the sign is $125.00 which includes custom lettering, install and removal of the sign. After the sale, Sign Farm will also inventory the signs for reuse. The cost of placement for a previously made sign is $50.00.

In the case of a “By Owner” sale, ordering of the sign is the sole responsibility of the homeowner. The wording to be used on the sign is “For Sale By Owner”, with the appropriate contact information.

For Rent or Lease signs are also available and carry the same cost and placement structure as the “For Sale” signs. The wording to be used on these signs is “For Lease”, with the appropriate contact information.

This is the only wording approved by the HOA.

Sign Farm will also furnish and install boxes or tubes for circulars at a cost of $20.00. Pending and Sold Riders are also $20.00 each, installed.

In any case, Sign Farm is the only sign business approved by the HOA to furnish these signs. Please allow three days time for the sign and placement or removal.

Sign Placement

  • No signs are to be placed on community property.
  • Signs should be placed on the approximate center line of the property and five feet back from the sidewalk.
  • Sign Farm will not be held responsible for damage to underground utilities.


Sign Farm
2536 West Ponkan Road
Apopka, FL 32712

ARB Committee Members

Mike Collier

Mike Collier

Greg Johnston

Greg Johnston

Tory Parish

Tory Parish