Lakes of Windermere and Hurricane Irma


As the storm approaches the Board may have to make decisions early that will impact the use of the pool & pool facility as well as the other amenities. If the chairs are stacked please leave them where they are. If the gate is locked, the pool is closed until further notice. When the pool company can guarantee the safety of the pool facility in its entirety, then we will open it back up. Please stay out.

Also, please begin your hurricane preparations NOW! Even if you plan to leave please bring in your trash cans, lawn furniture, potted plants, grills, fire pits and anything that is not nailed down. Anything that is left outside can become a dangerous projectile harming someone or damaging property.

Please place your cars in your garage or your driveway. We need to keep the streets clear for emergency services.

Thank you the Lakes of Windermere HOA Board